Graphene is a 2 dimensional single layer of Carbon atoms bonded together by a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. Graphene is one atom thick and is the thinnest and lightest material so far invented by man. It is also the strongest known material with its strength in the excess to 200 times than steel. It is termed to be the best conductor of heat and electricity.
All these properties make it a new wonder product and paves way for innumerable applications for the benefit of mankind. Potassium/Sodium permanganate by virtue of its strong oxidizing property is used to oxidize Graphite in to Graphene Oxide which in turn is reduced to produce Graphene. This method of synthesis of Graphene was invented by Hummer and hence known as Hummer’s Method. .


Potassium/Sodium permanganate is a chemical compound which has numerous applications. Apart from its use in a variety of industries, Potassium/Sodium permanganate is also used in Educational Institutions, Analytical Laboratories, Research & Development, Hospitals and also Household purposes.
The need for repacked Potassium/Sodium permanganate of suitable Grades is ever growing and is defined with respect to these purposes.


Crude oil which is extracted from oil wells all over the world contains complex compounds of sulphur and other odor causing substances in varied concentrations depending on the geography of a particular region. Refineries which process Crude oil to remove fractions of volatile hydrocarbons have to periodically remove these sulphur compounds as it hinders the production process by clogging pipelines.
This situation also puts the workers life at risk due to emission of Hydrogen Sulphide gas and formation of Pyrophoric Iron Sulphides. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is used by the Oil Refiners to eliminate Pyrophoric Iron Sulphide, Odorous Sulphide compounds and Mercaptans due to its strong oxidizing power, thereby, generating harmless byproducts.

Textile / Denim

Potassium/Sodium permanganate is used in vast quantities in Denim bleaching and other natural textile bleaching. Due to its oxidizing power and ability to supply nascent oxygen for bleaching, it is used for a range of textile fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton-Polyester blend, Wool, Silk and Linen. The use of Potassium/Sodium permanganate as a bleaching agent minimizes the damage caused to the fabric, which further strengthens and extends the life of bleached fabrics.

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial effluents and Municipal wastewater are generated in colossal proportions near industrial towns and densely populated cities. If left untreated, it contaminates the ground water source, lakes, rivers and aquifers with high heavy metal content, organic and inorganic impurities. So it is imperative that all effluents be treated and neutralized at effluent treatment plants before it is disposed.
Potassium/Sodium permanganate plays a major role in the treatment of effluents by oxidizing soluble metal and heavy metal impurities in to insoluble forms. Potassium/Sodium permanganate also oxidizes odor causing sulphides and mercaptans to simple elements. Potassium/Sodium permanganate neutralizes organic hydrocarbons and phenolic compounds to carbon dioxide and water, thus rendering effluent safe for disposal.

Potable Water treatment

Water is a life-giver in its purest form, but has its own deficiency depending on its source and origin. Potable water is required to be free of color, odor, disease causing organisms, microbes, organic and inorganic impurities, metal and heavy metal impurities. So depending on the source, water undergoes a series of purification processes till it is fit to be consumed and dispensed for daily needs.
Potassium/Sodium permanganate is an important water treatment chemical which is used at the pre-oxidation stage to eliminate odor caused by sulphides, phenolic and other organic impurities. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is also very effective in removing Ferrous and Manganese impurities by oxidizing the soluble form in to insoluble form thus enabling its removal by filteration. The high oxidizing power of Potassium/Sodium permanganate also contributes in keeping a check on disease causing bacteria and other microbes in potable water.

Zinc Industry

Pure Zinc metal is an important product with wide ranging applications across various industrial sectors such as Steel, Power, Healthcare and Food. Potassium/Sodium permanganate is a vital ingredient which is used to remove Ferrous impurities in the process of manufacturing high purity Zinc Metal. Due to its high oxidizing power, process adaptability and cost efficiency, Potassium/Sodium permanganate is an irreplaceable component in Zinc metal manufacture.

Steel Industry

The manufacture of Special steel/ Stainless steel Wire Rods involves heat treatment, forging and casting. This results in formation of scales, smut and oxides on the surface of Wire Rods.
These Wire Rods are dipped in a mixture of solution of Caustic Soda and Potassium/Sodium permanganate of predetermined compositions and temperature for a specific time. The Caustic-Permanganate treatment effectively removes the scales and smut and cleans the oxidized surface to produce a high quality finished product.